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Rexor Prepaid MasterCard

We are pleased to offer our clients Rexor MasterCard, a prepaid bank card. A debit Rexor Card is linked to a European bank account. It is a universal instrument to top up your Rexor Investments trading account and withdraw funds from it at any spot on the globe.

Holders of Rexor Card enjoy an opportunity to get cash anywhere in the world at any ATM supporting MasterCard. Besides, this card serves to pay for online purchases by POS without any charges. Rexor Card owners are allowed to withdraw up to $5,000 monthly from their accounts to this card with the lowest possible commission.

To order a card, an Rexor Investments client should pay a membership fee which includes the card issue.

Please follow the link on the right side to order a Rexor MasterCard.

Rexor Prepaid MasterCard

The card purchasing fee is 5.95 USD or 4.95 EUR which includes the card's issuance, 2 months of free of charge maintenance and card delivery by regular postal services. The membership fee can be paid by several standard methods (bank wire, PayPal). Please note that payment via bank transfer is available after verification, while verification is possible after the order of the card.

These cards are virtual, reloadable and disposable. Delete Entropay cards instantly to protect yourself from fraud, fishy charges and data breaches. Set individual card limits for ultimate control.

Please note that your Rexor MasterCard will be linked to all trading accounts with Rexor Investments opened in your name.

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    Rexor Card Benefits

  • Possibility to use a card to get money from one or several trading accounts registered for the card holder's name;
  • Possibility to deposit a trading account with no commission;
  • Possibility to check a card balance through internet and replenish it;
  • Possibility to use a card in over 200 countries;
  • Possibility to order a card in USD or EUR;
  • Rexor Card is similar to a regular bank card enabling clients to pay for goods and services;
  • The default limits employed by a Personal Account:
    • Maximum amount that a EUR virtual card can be funded = EUR4,500
    • Maximum amount that a GBP virtual card can be funded = GBP3,500
    • Maximum amount that a USD virtual card can be funded = USD7,000
  • Information on transactions is fully confidential which is ensured by a European bank issuing Rexor Card;
  • You may order Rexor Card in Client Cabinet on Rexor Investments official website.
EntroPay Card

Rexor Prepaid Card

Rexor prepaid card (vitual & physical) is powered by EntroPay.

EntroPay Card

Global Transfers

EntroPay offers instant global transfers using this card.

EntroPay Card

FCA Regulated

EntroPay is FCA regulated entity. Money in card is safe.

EntroPay Card

Multiple Currencies

Use Entropay powered Rexor Card in USD, EUR or GBP.

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