Rexor Investments has specifically developed this Forex trading basics guide for all those who want to become a successful trader working together with us. Just go through the step-by-step guide below, and you will learn all basic information you need to know and understand before entering into live trading.

Step 1 - Demo account

Before you enter into the live trading world, it is recommended to get yourself familiarized with the process how can you trade using MetaTrader 4 trading platform. This practice account may also help you making and test your strategies. Demo account actually provides you a real trading environment but the currency involved in trading is virtual and you do not lose your real money while you make and test your strategies.

This practice on your demo account on MetaTrader 4 trading platform also provides you chance to make and apply your risk management strategies.

Step 2 - Take Necessary Knowledge of Forex Market

Forex market is a type of financial market. It is also recommended to get a comprehensive knowledge of what Forex market is all about? How can you trade? How this market works? These basic questions should be clear to you before you get involved in Forex trading. We also provide helping material / tools to make you a successful trader, such as technical analysis and updated fundamental news. Just login to your Client area and read them on daily basis.

Step 3 - Live account

Take full attention on first two steps. Once you have gone through the first two steps in detail and feel confident to enter into the world of live forex trading, you can open a Live account.

You get all necessary helping material / tools to make you a successful trader in your secure client area, such as technical analysis and updated fundamental news. Just login to your Client area and read them on daily basis.

Step 4 - Trade and Earn

Assuming you have completed all the above three steps, the only step you need to complete to earn your profit from Forex market is to go ahead and place your trading orders with confidence. Put everything you have learnt throughout your practice time in to your real live trading account.

Still confused or have any questions before you go live?, Please do not hesitate to contact our at Support Department.

Start Trading Guide

Start Trading Guide

Click the link below to get to know about how to start trading forex in just 3 very simple steps.

Start Trading Guide

Fund Your Account

Fund Your Account

Do you want to deposit funds in to your trading account? Please click the link below to proceed.

Fund Your Account

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Cabinet Login

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