All accounts with Rexor Investments are providing the facility to trade on either instant or market execution particularly if you place your order on MT4 trading platform. We have both types of accounts that come with market execution as well as with instant execution. So it all depends on your account type.

Difference between instant execution and market execution?

The very simple definition of the market order is that the trader places its trade on the very next available price of that particular instrument in the market. Market orders does not get involved with re-quotes at all, but the nature of execution does not confirm that the price of that instrument will be the same at the time of order execution which you just saw on your screen. This slight difference in the instrument price is generally known as slippage which is common with all brokers who deal in market execution. This price difference could be because:

  • The price you just saw on your screen in MT4 may have come down or go up from the original market price, or
  • Your requested trade volume of any particular instrument may have increased the available volume in the market at the price which you just saw on your screen.

The very simple definition of the instant execution order is that the trader places its trade order an the same price which he sees on the screen. MT4 terminal sends your buy or sell request with the price you just saw on your screen. You may re-quotes in instant execution method because your order may be placed only if the price you sent with the trading order is still available in the market. But if it has moved, you get re-quote and you can re-submit the order with the new (re-quote) price or even can cancel it.

Stop loss and Take profit

The bigger question that comes in to the traders mind that can I set stop loss or take profit both with market execution or instant execution? Well, stop losses and take profits are not allowed at the time of placing order in market execution method. This is only because the entry price of your trade may change from the instrument price you just saw on your screen. Once you have placed a successful order with market execution, you can set stop loss or take profit as per your wish. There is no restriction or limitation on setting stop loss or take profit in instant execution. You can set stop loss or take profit even at the time of placing orders.

Why market execution is better?

Re-quotes sometimes becomes very hectic and you get disappointed because you are unable to place your trading order. Therefore, market execution is generally loved by all traders because it does not bother you even with the movement of the price. Placing order is hassle free in market execution because order is placed at the very next available price in the market.

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Start Trading Guide

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Fund Your Account

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