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Spread From $80*
Margin Rates  From 50%*
Minimum Spread From 0.01 
Hours 22:00 GMT Sunday - 21:59 GMT Friday 

* May change due to market conditions.

Trade Bitcoin from 80p a point.

Trade on Bitcoin

guaranteed stop loss

Go long or short

Short the market to profit from falling prices

stamp duty tax

Trade on Bitcoin volatility

No need to own it or have an exchange account


Tax efficient trading

Pay no Tax or Stamp Duty*


Trade on leverage

Trade Bitcoin with a relatively small initial investment

Trade wherever you are, on our fast, reliable platforms

Customisable Charts

More than 80 indicators designed to help you perform technical analysis

Award-Winning Platform

MetaTrader 4 is a worldwide renowned Forex trading platform.

Fastest Execution

Fastest execution with real time quotes. No slippage or re-quotes.

Trade Anytime, Anywhere

Follow the markets on native apps built specifically for your smartphone and tablet


Start Bitcoin trading today

Trade on over 12,000 markets

indices Indices

21 global Indices

equities Shares

4500+ global Shares

bitcoin Bitcoin

Go Long or Short

forex Forex

84 FX pairs

commodities Commodities

25+ global Commodities

Bitcoin vs USD



Oversight authority
Bitcoin community

Market cap
$96 billion

Asset correlation
Decentralised asset not influenced by any governmental policy

Extremely volatile in 2017

World’s most traded digital currency

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Oversight authority
Federal Reserve

Market cap
$3,8 trillion

Asset correlation
Impacted by global events, US government policy and FED decision making

Low volatility in 2017

World's most traded physical currency

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Trade Bitcoin from 80p a point.

Trade Bitcoin risk-free with a demo account

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Rexor Investments

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Over 10 years' experience in Forex and CFD Trading


Authorised and regulated by the Belize Authority


Risk management tools to help protect your positions


Trade on multiple platforms and devices


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Why trade Bitcoin?

guaranteed stop loss

Diversify your portfolio

Bitcoin is a decentralised asset free from political interference

guaranteed stop loss

Higher volatility

With higher volatility comes greater opportunity as well as greater risk

guaranteed stop loss

Competitive pricing

Fixed spreads, low margin and competitive financing

guaranteed stop loss

Risk management tools

Help protect your position with Stop Loss Orders

guaranteed stop loss

Short the markets

Trade on falling prices (going short) as well as rising prices

guaranteed stop loss

Tax-efficient trading

Pay no Tax or Stamp Duty when trading with Rexor Investments*

Trade Bitcoin with Rexor Investments


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How to Trade Bitcoin

Chose a product type
You can trade Bitcoin at Rexor Investments as a Spread Bet or CFD.

Decide when to Buy or Sell
When you trade Bitcoin at Rexor Investments you do not own any underlying Bitcoin assets. You are speculating on the price movements between Bitcoin and the USD.

Manage you risk exposure
Add a Stop Loss Order to protect your position should the market suddenly move against you.

Monitor and close your trade
Once you have placed your trade your profit and loss will update in real time and you can close your trade by clicking "Close trade".

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Learn to Trade with Bitcoin

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Find out more about the world's most popular digital currency

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spread betting Bitcoin FAQs

Learn more about Spread Betting or trading Bitcoin as a CFD

Bitcoin FAQs
spread betting How to manage risk

Learn techniques to improve your trading and manage risk effectively

Risk management

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Trade Bitcoin in MetaTrader 4

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency or peer-to-peer digital payment system which is used as a method of investment as well as transaction for other currencies, services or products.

Initially launched in 2009 by an anonymous internet user or group known only as "Satoshi Nakamoto", the virtual currency has grown rapidly since its inception.

The value of early Bitcoin transactions were negotiated by miners on the bitcointalk forums with each Bitcoin at the time worth an estimated $0.06.

As Bitcoin has become more widely used and as greater quantities of Bitcoin have been mined the price has risen sharply since early 2013 to its current 2017 high of $6,386.

Buying Bitcoin vs Bitcoin trading

There are two main ways to invest in Bitcoin online; you can open a virtual wallet and buy Bitcoin through the blockchain at its current market value or you can trade on price movements of Bitcoin by opening a Spread betting or CFD Trading account.

When you buy Bitcoin on an exchange, it is similar to investing in any other physical asset and you will own the underlying instrument which you can then sell at a later date, should the value of the asset rise.

When you trade Bitcoin as a Spread trade or CFD, you are speculating on the price movement of the underlying Bitcoin market. The price of Bitcoin will be quoted in established currencies, primarily USD, and you will not own the underlying instrument. Additionally you will be trading on leverage which allows you a greater market exposure without tying up large amounts of capital.


  • When you trade Bitcoin you can go long as well as short
  • Spread Betting and CFD Trading are a tax efficient form of investment.
  • You won’t own the underlying asset so don’t need to set up a virtual wallet
  • When you Spread Bet or trade CFDs on Bitcoin you are trading on leverage, this means you have a larger exposure to the market with less upfront capital. Remember leverage can magnify profits as well as losses.


  • When you buy Bitcoin you own the underlying asset and will purchase your chosen amount of Bitcoin at full market value
  • You will pay capital gains tax on any profits
  • You will purchase Bitcoin on an exchange, this will require you to open a virtual wallet to store your Bitcoin
  • It can be expensive to withdraw or fund your virtual wallet, some exchanges charge fees for doing so
  • Setting up an account and arranging purchase of Bitcoin can be time consuming and overly complicated

What is the Rexor Investments policy on Bitcoin forking?

In the event that the current bitcoin splits into two, new bitcoins are created, this is known as a hard fork. We will generally follow the bitcoin that has the majority consensus of cryptocurrency users and will therefore use this as the basis for our prices. In addition we will also consider the approach adopted by the exchanges we deal with, which will help determine the action we take.

We reserve the right to determine which cryptocurrency unit has the majority consensus behind them.

As the hard fork results in a second cryptocurrency, we reserve the right to create an equivalent position on client accounts to reflect this. However, this action is taken at our absolute discretion, and we have no obligation to do so.

If the second cryptocurrency is tradeable on major exchanges, which may or may not include the exchanges we deal with, we may choose to represent that value, but have no obligation to do so. We may do this by making the product available to close based on the valuation, or by booking a cash adjustment on client accounts.

If, within a reasonable timeframe, the second cryptocurrency does not become tradeable, then we may void positions that had previously been created at no value on client accounts.

Over periods of substantial price volatility around fork events, and we may take any action as we consider necessary in accordance with our terms and conditions including suspending trading throughout if we deem not to have reliable prices from the underlying market.

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