Rexor Investments always believes in a universal fact that learning should not be stopped at any stage of your professional life because it fundamentally builds our character and abilities. We focus on creating development and learning environments most often for all our employees to nurture their talent, so that they could equip themselves with the right skills. This unique combination of career potential and development makes us stand high among our competitors.

We regularly holds the training sessions for all our employees and invest in creating chances of development programs. The basic purpose of behind these activities is to maximise the potential of every team member.

We understand the fact that this special attention on career development will eventually benefit both the company as well as the individual key player of our team, and ultimately we will achieve our objectives together. These benefits include:

  • Team spirit encouragement
  • Higher standards of working environment and individual performances
  • Improved job satisfaction and increased motivation
  • A greater understanding of the nature and requirement of our business
  • A greater understanding of business affecting factors
  • Sharing, management and implementation of ideas and change

Rexor Investments provides equal opportunities to all its employees of participating in all such development activities within their own area of expertise. Therefore, every staff member gets multiple chances of undertaking such development activities throughout its stay with the company. These kind of development activities and training sessions are closely monitored and evaluated by the Rexor management, just to ensure that optimum career development opportunities are always being offered to Rexor staff.

Our tailored performance-appraisal process always helps us creating different development and training opportunities throughout the year for all our employees. Ensuring equal opportunities on all development and training activities is our top priority.

Execution is actually the key factor in managing individual performances. It generally ensures that every staff of the Rexor Investments is aware of the fact that what is expected from him / her. Therefore, the company never delays in delivering the right feedback about each employee efforts and providing the necessary coaching to achieve potential. Performance management is also all about rewarding better performance, differentiating performances and creating opportunities by raising the standard of an individual performance. Performance management is also about encouraging career progression.

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