Forex Trading

Forex Trading

This Forex Trading guide will teach all necessary stages you need to know before trading in forex. It covers:

  • What is Forex Trading?
  • How to Trade Forex?
  • Why Should You Start Forex Trading?
  • Trading Guide about Leverage and Margin.
  • Introduction to Rollover.
Forex Trading Basics

Forex Trading Basics

This guide describes about how can you trade on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) with Rexor Investments. It covers:

  • How to open Demo Account and start practicing?
  • What is forex market?
  • How to open Live Account?
  • Trade and
  • Earn
MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4

MT4 is among most popular forex trading platforms in the world. This section covers how to start trading on MT4:

  • MetaTrader 4 Introduction
  • How to trade on MetaTrader 4?
  • How to Understand Charts Patterns?
  • MT4 Makes Market Execution Instant
Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors (EAs) help one trading without getting involved in emotions. These are software programs. This section covers:

  • Introduction to EAs (Expert Advisors)?
  • How to Implement EAs in MetaTrader4?
  • No Restrictions on Expert Advisors?
  • Creating Your Own Expert Advisors
Forex Strategies

Forex Strategies

We have the tools that may help you developing your Forex trading strategies; based on your emotions or professional skills. This section covers:

  • What Are Technical Analysis?
  • What Are Fundamental Analysis?
  • What are Oscillators and Indicators?
  • Top Trading Tips.
Start Trading

Start Trading

We will guide you step by step about how to start forex trading? What are necessary steps to start Forex Trading. This section covers:

  • How to Download MT4 Trading Platform?
  • How to Install MT4 Trading Platform?
  • Login Guide to MT4 Trading Platform.
  • Necessary Steps to Start Trading.
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