The most recent past decade brought a visible boom to the online forex trading and this type of financial market has become very popular among traders because this financial market is equipped with several advantages:

24-Hour Income Opportunity

Forex trading is a 24-hour income opportunity because it is alive during different business hours of the different countries. Therefore, you get an opportunity to trade in this global financial market at any time of the day 5 days a week. Forex trading does not have any particularly set exchange hours. So you can assume that there is something happening in any part of the world at any time during 24 hours.

Make Profit with Buy or Sell

The other very significant income opportunity of the Forex trading market is that it does not impose any limitations on shorting currencies. Unlike many other financial markets, where one can not easily sell short, Forex market allows its traders to go with the wind. If you think that technical and fundamental analysis show that currency will fall, you can easily sell any currency pair. Likewise, you can buy any currency pair if you think it will go up. It clearly means that making (or losing) money opportunity in Forex market is available 24-hour a day.


Rexor Investments does not change any commission on any Forex trading account with us. You do not need to pay any expensive exchange fees to trade in Forex. You only pay the spread difference you see between buy and sell price on any currency pair. This is the only commission / fee you pay to trade with Rexor Investments and there are no hidden costs at all.

Ease of Trading

You probably are aware of the fact that Forex trading is the most liquid trading market in the world with $4 trillion a day turnover. Traders from all over the world mostly trade in some popular currency pairs only. So it becomes (even for newcomers) very easy to get involved in any currency pair at any time of the day and close their trades easily even with large sizes.

High LEVERAGE Facility

Every Forex trader is given an opportunity to trade with considerable high leverage. At Rexor Investments, you get maximum 1:500 leverage option. This high level of leverage facility enables you making good profit from the market even with small moves. But this facility can work both ways, means you have equal chances of increasing your losses as well.

Global Trading Market

With the continuous development and enhancement in internet technology, the world has become more global. So the traders tend to search more and more investment opportunities online. If you also want to generate profit from investing in another country online, buying / selling in Forex market is more accurate option for you. It gives you more global earning exposure.

Start Trading Guide

Start Trading Guide

Click the link below to get to know about how to start trading forex in just 3 very simple steps.

Start Trading Guide

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Fund Your Account

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