Professional Forex traders consider "Autochartist" the leading trading tool for intraday trading these days. All major search engines monitor thousands of financial instruments because of the powerful proprietary technology of Autochartist, 24 hours a day. It accordingly alerts Forex traders about all available profitable trade opportunities in shape of Chart patterns; Key Levels and Fibonacci patterns as and when they occur. Furthermore, you can get a better idea about volatility of instruments that you trade and risk assessment using another great feature of Autochartist i.e. PowerStats (View Analysis). You can get all available features of Autochartist in your trading platform anytime you want. You just need to have a custom plugin to make it happen, which simply links to the Autochartist Web Application.

Autochartist may help you making good decisions by adding technical analysis as an essential part in your trading strategy, and you may be able to become more accurate about when and what to trade. It does not matter your level of experience.

Autochartist Trading Tools

Chart Patterns

  • When completed and emerging patterns are identified, you receive visual and audio alerts.
  • Completed Chart Patterns come with automatic Forecast Zone that is also beneficial.
  • The success rates of patterns can be viewed by using the Performance Statistics of the forecast zone.

Key Levels

  • Horizontal resistance or support is often experienced by traders at significant price levels.
  • These price levels are automatically identified by the Autochartist Key Levels as either "Breakout" or "Approach.

Fibonacci Patterns

  • Completed and emerging Fibonacci patterns provide visual and audio alerts.
  • The theory of Golden Ratio provides you visual illustration of resistance and support levels.

Volatility Analysis

Volatility analysis provides relevant movement of trading instruments to the traders, like:

  • You get average movement of PIP within a specific selected time frame;
  • You get maximum expected price movements over different periods of time, and even
  • You get expected price movements over time frames known as daily and weekly.
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